Best Internet Money Opportunity With the Force Money Program?

Forcing Money In, Forcing Disappointment Out

how to make internet money with force money! -click here-

how to make internet money with force money! -click here-

The creator of Forced Money, Dr. John Cohen II, introduces a digital book that allows you to essentially “force” money in your pockets. It will not simply convince people to buy your product but it will, in a way, compel them in their own volition to buy your product by following the tips seen in the e-book.

It promises to deliver the following:
1. An extraordinary website that
a. seizes your site visitors and ending up selling to them,
b. has an automatic system that generates hits to your site,
c. is run by an independent firm for free,
d. has a digital product proven by countless online marketers not only as a helpful tool but as a necessity and
e. a video that will coax visitors to leave their contact information (name and e-mail address), making you elongate your email list.

2. Free information to your readers that will entice them to click and know more about your site. The information in itself is basically free, all the reader has to do to learn more and gather more information is to fill-out a simple form that will lengthen you’re your email list of potential sources of money. It plays on the curiosity of the reader to your advantage.

3. Access to Marketers Super Center that helps you start incoming visits to your site and assists in choosing promotional materials for it.

4. A “Quick-Start Guide” to hold you by the hand while you begin making your site.

5. 100% money back guaranteed if John’s e-book falls short from your expectations.

But how will this simple e-book deliver these drastic promises at only $100 for the initial deposit?

Well the answer is that the site that the e-book will teach you would highly rely on teasing the audience, enticing with the probable client and it knows just how to do it perfectly. It in essence, already forces this possible client to go through the site and “opt-in” page by:

1. Using a design chosen more favorable by a ration of 6:1.

2. Having a graphic strip that imprints to the potential client what needs to be imprinted to make the sale.

3. Offering a “secret video.” The word “secret” in itself is bound to generate traffic as it challenges one to move forward or else be left behind. It also has this teaser video that is supposed to coax buyer more and more and deeper and deeper into the site.

4. Having a simple design that easy to navigate and not tiring for the eyes. Gives a refreshing feel.

5. Requiring all to fill out your easy to follow form making you get more client information

Basically, this product promises a stream of income even if you are away from your computer living life to the fullest. And the best deal here is that unlike the usual get rich schemes that basically rely on chance for you to get a sale; this site does in fact work in a trend where the buyer is most likely to buy rather than to just browse. Not bad for a product worth $100.

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