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Michael Rasmussen created a 5 CD video which discusses the details on how to maximize and find a sure fire way of generating money in the mini site business. His e-book is entitled “Mini-Site Profits Exposed” and it has its own mini site to visit at Mini Site Profits Exposed. What is quite exciting about this product before actually discussing its contents is that it is absolutely free. There is a deluxe package that you have to pay for but regardless if you avail of this or not, you still get the “Mini-Site Profits Exposed” core tutorial session for free.

But first, what are mini sites? Mini sites, also known as microsites, are one-paged websites that focus on one product or one piece of information, usually used as a marketing strategy to either sell a product , coax you into signing up for a product or to visit that product’s main site. They are like on-line versions of commercials or promoters that work with virtually zero effort. And Michael, who is himself a successful creator of 50 mini-sites, created a tutorial on how to create a successful mini-site.

The tutorial contains the following details that are so advantageous; you’d really have second thoughts before signing up because they might be too good to be true. The e-book will:

1. Tell you the secrets in luring your site visitors from plain viewers to actual buyers. The techniques in hypnotizing the potential buyer will be for the start page of the mini site and also for the mini sales letter.

2. Inform you how to make a relevant email list of potential subscribers through a “squeeze page.”

3. Give the step by step procedure in automating your site the mini-site works while you sleep.

4. Deliver all the things you need to know in boosting up your sales to a whopping 50%, including siphoning more money in a buyer, way more than he or she initially intended to dole out and tips on how to entice marketers in taking part in a joint venture partnership with you that can sky-rocket your profit.

5. Teach you to create your own legion of freelancers and affiliates that will do your work for you, and it will also give you the tricks on how to manage them and what to avoid in dealing with them.

Again, the site offers all of this, a $197.00 value, for free. The free information is the real deal, there will absolutely be no shelling out of money. These free CD’s are such a steal as they will give you 4 easy ways in profiting from mini-sites. First is by knowing how to outsource your work that will lead you to getting more work done in a lesser amount of time, second by actually doubling profit itself by using the e-book’s secrets, third through the creation of resale packages and lastly, by using your squeeze pages to the fullest.

After seeing the value of Michael’s “Mini-Site Profits Exposed” core package, you may want to upgrade to the “Mini-Site Success Package, Deluxe version” for only $97.00. If you avail of the “Mini-Site Success Package, Deluxe version,” look at what you will get:

  1. 5 Mini-Site Profits Exposed Core CD’s
  2. 3 Exclusive Deluxe Videos
  3. 10 Killer Mini-Site Templates by Vaughan Davidson
  4. 10 Sales Inducing Website Templates by Sean Lowery
  5. 10 Response Boosting Audio Triggers

To further sweeten the deal, as a bonus for the first 500 people who avails of the “Mini-Site Success Package, Deluxe version,” Michael will throw in:

  1. Marketing Graphics Pro
  2. Graphical Opt-In Box Collection
  3. Webmaster Sticky Scripts
  4. Mini-Site Profits Graphic Pack
  5. Do-It-Yourself Mini-Site Packet by Sean Lowery

So if you do want to fast track your online business, try this free tutorial now.

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  2. Stephen Henley on October 18th, 2009 at 8:25 AM

    Your website (and content) look very good indeed. I have bought information from Michael Rasmussen before and know him to be an expert in his field with a host of ‘top noch’ products.
    As such I look forward to learning more about how to make money online with your company/organisation.

  3. Antonietta Scaglione on March 17th, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    great post thanks ive bookmarked this for later use

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