Making Money With Product Testing Jobs

Making money by testing products can be very easy work that can be done by almost anyone. Here are more on how this works.

There are several companies that provide consumer product testing jobs and they pay you by cash, prizes, rewards or products for testing new products. However, payment varies from company to company. If you are chosen to receive products for evaluation, they are then free to keep after the review. On the other hand, If you enjoy trying new products, this is a good way to earn money while enjoying the chance to try new products. But beware of consumer product testing companies who disallow you to join without a fee. These are scams because a legit product testing company does not ask for a fee.

Paid Product Testing Overview
In a paid product testing job, the individual will first apply to some legitimate consumer product testing companies. Once the consumer product testing company approves your account, you will receive invitation to test the products. After receiving the product testing invitation, you have to apply again with your details for the individual assignments. Once you get selected in a paid product testing assignment, the consumer product testing company will send you the sample products.

The consumer product testing company may send you consumer products, electronics, mobile phones, laptops, daily use products, food products etc. Sometimes you have to just visit a website and tell them about the website’s look and feel, navigation, speed and usefulness.

How Paid Product Testing works?

After you receive the products you simply have to use it. You also need to document your experience of using the product. Sometimes there will be special surveys about the sample product that you have to fill and tell the companies what you like or dislike about their products.

Sometimes you will either keep the sample product or return the product to the consumer product testing company. After the product testing assignment is over and you have submitted all the reports, the product testing pay you the said rewards.

The following websites pay for paid product testing jobs:

1. MySurvey Panel
2. Global Test Market
3. Toluna
4. Surveyspot
5. Ipsos Isay Panel
6. Pinecone Research
7. Keynote
8. HP
9. Marketread Pro

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